Today I will tell you some useful sites you can watch KBO and cheer on live. Number One kbo_0420 “Naver Baseball Web Streamnig” Naver is a very well known web site in Korea. It is very realiable . Benefits 1. Exact and on time data Untitled You can check how many hits, home runs, errors the players made and even more data! You can compare the two teams. 2. Deep analasys on hits adsfads You can see where most of the balls went, where the players are weak at. With this data the team can get even stronger! 3. Deep datas for all the players. .bat You can know how well our batters did as well as our pitchers! 4. Watch in picture! 이미지_9 One bad thing about Naver is that it sometimes gets s..l…o……w fkKHrAgcp7FAs58JT3Go2 But Naver prepared for this kind of situation! Game in Picture! Instead of watching videos, you just get all the data to know what’s going on This is much faster 5. Cheer with others! .adsfasdfasdf I am not the only one~♪♪ There are a lot of other tenth players!! You can chat or cheer with them. 2. Youtube GIANTS tv ttt It is the official Lotte Giants channel on Youtube Benefits 1. Fast streaming lotte Compare to Naver, Giants tv is much faster Also, to watch in Naver, you have to download a program But here you don’t have to worry anything about that 2. Special clips Since it is an official channel They can actually go into the field and take a video of the bench, palyers resting, and special events. Which you can’t watch in any other sites. naver web streaming